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    Oklahoma Spine, Sports and Rehabilitation, a division of NeuroScience Specialist, PC, is comprised of four board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians, known as "Physiatrists." Physiatry is a specialized branch of medicine that employs the usual tools of medical practice as well as physical agents and therapeutic exercise for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that produce pain, impairment and disability. Physiatrists have expertise in electrodiagnostic studies, independent medical evaluations, impairment ratings, industrial medicine and , of course, all forms of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

    Our physicians commonly provide inpatient services for patients following stroke, spinal cord injury, spinal surgeries, multiple trauma, joint replacement, fracture repair, brain injury, multiple sclerosis exacerbation, diffuse peripheral nerve injury, amputation, and deconditioning related to rheumatological, cardiac and pulmonary diseases. Rehabilitation services for inpatient care require physician referral, extensive screening, as well as review by the medical director to determine candidacy into the program.

    In addition, our physicians commonly provide outpatient services following orthopedic injuries, spine-related pain and dysfunction, occupational injuries and overuse syndromes, sports injuries, neurogenic bowel/bladder and spasticity management. Our practice does not and will not accept patients strictly for chronic opioid management.

    Our physicians commonly provide in-office injections for painful joints (shoulder, hip, knee) as well as trigger point injections. Electrodiagnostics (nerve conduction studies & EMG) are also performed at our facility. Our laboratory is the first accredited facility through the American Association of Neuromuscular Medicine within the state of Oklahoma for electrodiagnostic testing. Our physicians have completed thousands of these studies. For more information regarding electrodiagnostics, please click here.


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