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Electrodiagnostics (EMG)

    Nerve conductions studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG) assess the electrical function of your nerves and muscles in an effort to determine if they are working properly and identify a potential cause of your symptoms.

    Electrodiagnostics are composed of NCS and EMG. Testing usually begins with nerve conduction studies followed by electromyography.

    The nerve conduction study portion of the EMG shows how the body’s signals are traveling in the nerves. This is done by applying electrical shocks to one point on the nerve and recording from another. These shocks cause a quick, tingling feeling, but go away quickly. The physician may have to test several nerves depending on your symptoms. Bilateral (left and right) testing may be indicated for comparison.

    For the needle EMG portion of electrodiagnostics, a small acupuncture – like needle is inserted into the muscle. The electrical activity of the muscle is then assessed. You may be asked to contract the muscle to see how the contraction changes the activity. There may be a small amount of pain when the needle is inserted. The doctor will examine muscles in an effort to screen for various muscle diseases as well as nerve injury producing muscle weakness. A new sterile needle is used for each patient, and it is discarded after the test. If you cannot tolerate the test, this can be stopped at any time upon your request.

    This test often will assist your referring physician in locating abnormalities in a specific area of the body which allows for proper treatment.

    The average test takes 30-60 minutes per extremity to complete. For example, electrodiagnostics of the right arm and left leg may require 1 to 2 hours. It should be noted that there is some discomfort associated with this test. You may return to normal activities immediately following completion of this test.

    Our laboratory is the first accredited facility through the American Association of Neuromuscular Medicine within the state of Oklahoma for electrodiagnostic testing. Our physicians have completed thousands of studies. 

If you have been scheduled for electrodiagnostic testing, please click this link for information on preparation for the study.